A collection of various Personal Finance Programs
Wealth Club is a collection of various personal finance programs containing video’s, audio’s and excel tools which focuses on one task and area of your financial life at one time. Its a yearly membership program where you get access to all the programs inside the club , plus 1 yr of free access to new programs added.






Letter to Investors from Jagoinvestor Team

Dear Investor,

We have been writing on personal finance from last many years. We are sure you must have got lots of knowledge from our articles on www.jagoinvestor.com . We have found that some readers have been good at taking actions and some are poor when it comes to taking actions. Somewhere we felt that every investor needs a dedicated structure which keeps them in action and helps them to learn a concept from start to end with 100% focus in mind. We are sure your financial life needs to be addressed in small parts , one area at a time.

But we often want to do so much and then end up doing nothing. Somewhere you need interesting way to complete tasks in your financial life. With Jagoinvestor Wealth Club, you are going to get small personal finance programs, which will focus on one aspect at a time (each month one strong program) and it will help you to address one part of your financial life.

With this letter from the bottom of our heart we invite you to be a part of Wealth Club, it is a simple yet powerful structure for continuous growth. We always wanted to create a SAFE & EMPOWERING SPACE for investors where they learn to take actions in their financial life. Finally, our dream is now a reality, with the help of wealth club ,we can now help people to live an awesome financial life. We think time has come to move beyond text and to engage with action oriented video’s, audio’s and powerful excel tools and templates.

It is our promise that this wealth club will be our best work till date, we will try to teach you all that we know as we truly want to help you life and AWESOME financial life. Every month we will step into your financial life and will help you transform one key area of your financial life. All we can say is you will truly ENJOY being part of this wonderful structure.. We look forward to serve you as wealth club member..

To Your Financial Success,
Manish Chauhan and Nandish Desai