Portfolio Return Calculator

Portfolio Return Calculator will take all your investments and different financial products, their current value and how much do you expect its return over long term. It will then tell you how much is the weightage of each of them and how much is their return weightage in your portfolio. It will show the weightage in percentage form and also a graphical representation of same.


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Parag Rodrigues May 1, 2013 at 11:56 am

Hi Manish / Jago Investor Team,

Am unable to get this tool very well.

Unable to understand the correct usage of this tool. OD we have some demo available under you-tube to actually see how this works.

Thanks & Have Good Day ahead.

Parag Rodrigues


Jagoinvestor Wealth Club Support May 1, 2013 at 6:06 pm

Hi Parag

Let me help you with understanding this simple tool . There is no youtube video for it, as its a simple tool only . What this tool does is, it helps you to record all your investments in various things and gives you the weightage of the product in your portfolio , in terms of worth and also in terms of returns . Let me give you an example .

Your overall portfolio might have 60% in Saving Bank Account , but does it also contribute the 60% share in the overall returns you are getting on your overall portfolio ? NO , it only gives a very small return . In the same way , some one might brag that his shares are giving 20% return , but if that share is just 1% part of this overall portfolio, then portfolio does not give huge return . Right .

So this sheet just tells you the overall share of each investments in terms of its actual worth and its contribution in return . Actually we now are coming up with new format for wealth club and we have combined all the simple calculators into one program. You can see the video here to understand a bit on this particular excel – http://www.jiwealthclub.com/programs/basic-financial-calculators-in-excel/ watch the youtube video inside the program.



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