Link between Wealth & Time – Wealth Motivator #1

by Nandish Desai on October 23, 2012

After working with many individual investors  we have realized, to produce wealth you need to invest TIME into your financial life. What you do with your time determines how much WEALTH you will be able to produce.

One man – call him Srinivas (although that’s not his real name) – He was working with a wonderful skill development company, His company was helping youth become employable. But the business wasn’t running at a profit.  Slowly the company started making loses and the operations closed. This was the biggest breakdown in our clients life, his income stream dried up completely.

We continued to help him deal with this breakdown in face of all challenges. Srinivas, started to look for job, he started having interactions that can help him get work or job. We asked him to capture his weekly actions. The actions need to fall into one of the three categories – High Paying, Low Paying and No Paying.  After doing this exercise he could learn that he is investing less time in high paying activities and he is high on low paying and no paying activities. This insight helped him bring a turnaround. He started to focus on HIGH PAYING activities more and things started to SHIFT.

This was his life now look at where you are in your life or work ?

If you want to produce wealth find out where are you investing your time. Take a blank sheet of paper and make three columns- High paying, Low paying and No Paying. Keep this paper with you for the entire week or month and continue to capture your actions. Do this exercise with a lot of honesty. Look at what is your ROT (Return on Time)?

We are investing our time in designing premium content for Jagoinvestor wealth club members, our only commitment is to help people produce wealth.

For your Success
Nandish Desai

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