The Secret to create wealth – Wealth Motivator #9

by Nandish Desai on January 2, 2013

If you want to produce wealth, then become a student of wealth. A good student would always build and maintain something called “wealth journal” in his financial life. A Wealth journal is nothing, but a place where you capture your personal finance insights, actions, thoughts and ideas in the area of money.

Look at how many articles you marked as important in your mailbox, but never found time to read them. Most people read articles on Jagoinvestor and in the very next moment, get busy with their routine work and forget to apply what they learnt. Personal finance is an on-going journey. Wealth journal writing is one of the best ways to record your personal finance journey. It is a way to discover what matters to you and even what and how you think about money. It helps you to evolve as an investor. Your wealth journal becomes your partner in your journey of wealth creation. Once you start writing, it will always encourage you to stay in action.

Money Management

Money management is a skill which can be learnt. It is no rocket science. Your wealth journal will make you more and more skilled with money management and will help you build muscle in the area of wealth creation. Soon you will start to gain an edge over other investors. We ask all our financial coaching clients to create and maintain wealth journal. I started to write my wealth journal 3 years back and it has helped me tremendously in building wealth. If there is any secret to creating wealth, it is writing your wealth journal.

We have created WEALTH CLUB so that we can share our wealth journal ideas and learning’s with each one of you. Some of these wealth motivators are also coming straight from my wealth journal.

You can visit for writing your on-line wealth journal or you can create an offline version of your journal. Have fun. Build your wealth journal and continue growing wealth. If this message motivated you feel free to write us.

Nandish Desai

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Shyam January 6, 2013 at 9:09 pm

Thanks for the tip Nandish.
Could you also specify what things need to be included in the wealth journal?
I am clueless as to what to write, since you anyway get a detailed annual report on my investments, savings and EMIs. Couls you also share tips in how it is best written such that it is beneficial in the future?


Nandish Desai January 7, 2013 at 12:12 pm

HI Shyam,

Your wealth journal is your sacred space where you give language to your thoughts. Personal finance is an on-going journey and it is important to record things. Wealth journal is where things get recorded, those things which you think will help you as an investor.

In my life I write ideas regarding my business, some ideas that can help me grow as an investor, I also write actions that I need to take in my financial life with deadline. Once you will start writing you will continue to get ideas about what to write.

Take the first step(create your journal) and you will see the second step on your own.



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