The Strongest Wealth Creating Asset – Wealth Motivator #12

by Jagoinvestor Wealth Club Support on February 6, 2013

Do you want to produce a lot of wealth? Do you want to get extremely RICH? – I can bet on this one, your answer is YES. The next question to ask is how does one produce wealth? The answer is, you can only produce wealth with help of wealth creating assets. If I ask where would you like to invest, your mind will think of products like PPF, mutual funds, stock market, gold, silver, insurance policies, Bank FD, ETF’s etc etc (There are many options that will come in your mind).

But which wealth creating asset you generally forget to invest in?

As an investor you forget to invest in YOU. Remember you are the strongest wealth creating asset of your life. Yes, you are the one who has all the power, you are the one who has immense potential in you, you are the one who is unique and special, you are one who can move the world upside down.

Today make a commitment to invest in yourself, buy books that can help you grow as a person, participate in programs and workshops that can help you move to the next level in your career. Always choose to invest in yourself. Don’t wait for your company to sponsor training programs for you; don’t wait for any kind of discount or offers. I have personally invested a lot of money in my own training and development. If I see something that can help me move to the next level in life, I would invest in that immediately. No second thoughts. And I will continue to invest in myself for the rest of my life.

Jagoinvestor workshop in Mumbai

We have an opportunity for you, where you can invest in yourself.  Jagoinvestor workshop “Design your financial life”, where a small group of 40-50 people will dedicate one full day to examine what’s going on in their financial life (Register now if you are in Mumbai).

Our workshops are fun, insightful and participative by nature. Do whatever it takes but see that you participate. Don’t think about COST, don’t think about TIME, and don’t wait for any external thing to move. Simply choose to invest in yourself.

Incase you have any questions about the workshop , you an reply to this email and ask your question !

Live Well
Nandish Desai

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