Frequently Asked Questions

1. How frequently the club content is updated ?
2. Can I download the content?
3. Can I ask my financial planning questions ?
4. Can I pay on monthly Basis ?
5. What is your refund policy?
6. How different is content of this wealth club different from Jagoinvestor Blog ?
7. What will be renewal fees?
8. If I face some issue in this wealthclub, whom can I contact?
9. Some tools have protected cells, Can I get the password?
10. Do I have to pay the fees manually every year or it will auto-renew ?
11. What If I don't use the club for few months, Will I get it extended?
12. When some new content is added to the club, how do I know that ?
13. What should be the minimum download speed to be part of this Wealth Club?
14. What will be the Language used ?
15. Can I share the content with others ?
16. I am totally new to personal finance, Is this club for me ?
17. Is it online club or offline ?
18. Will you make any changes in the existing content, if there are any changes?
19. What other features can I expect in future ?
20. I am an NRI, can I join this club?
21. Can I see other members and interact with them ?
22. I paid the fees without using the coupon, will I be refunded back?
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